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Or a Japanese (no English) photo booth. You can locate these booths just anywhere in Japan. I just love how artsy and cute and weird the outcomes were. No need to retouch since it will already make you pretty and all glamed up.


Hubby: Christopher Roxas daw Me: HYDROCEPHALUS!!!!!!!!!


this one cracked me up. so Pogay is the hubby. hahahahahaa.


so lovely with the blush on and lip gloss. Revlon color me Fink.


What great big eyes you have. All the better to see you with.


align align align. that’s what we always say after apir apir apir to a toddler. agree?


L – R: Tita Nini, MIL (mother in law), mother, me, hubby


Sojuorn – Osaka Japan

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I wanted to share a clip made by hubby featuring our Japan (Osaka – Kyoto – Kobe) tour just last month (March 20-25, 2014). The weather was so cold, hitting Lo -2°  during night time and High 8° in the morning. We underestimated the climate and brought only jackets which can only withstand cool weather (let’s say around 15°). It’s our first to experience snow, though it only lasted around 30 secs, lol (well atleast di ba?). Our main purpose was to experience Sakura. To witness the beautiful cherry blossom (esp. in Japan) is one of my bucket list needed to be ticked off. However, since winter decided to extend her stay, the flowers didn’t bloom at its finest 😦 They said give it another week. Well, duh! But God is good! We did see Sakura! Not only that, we also came face to face with some maikos (apprentice geisha) and sumo wrestlers! I loved the food in Japan. The people were so nice albeit communication is a challenge. Sign language is a must. We were also blessed to be accompanied by my hubby’s aunt. She’s a resident there and served as our tourist guide and translator.
Enjoy the clip! Arigato Gusaimas!

Lisa Simpsons

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Yup, I will never forget the day I became a Simpsons. I became yellow faced cartoon character Lisa Simpsons.

Well, it all started when acne started to sprout on my beautiful face. I tried putting some ointments bought at Watsons (local pharmacy store here in Singapore).. failed. I tried putting charcoal scrubs… failed. I went to find chin-chun-su…failed. So let’s try home remedy. I heard from a friend that she knows someone who uses turmeric face mask and makes her skin glow. Ooohh, I like that. Turmeric (powder) is one of the key ingredients in many Asian dishes. It has many medicinal properties and known to soften the skin. So I went ahead and searched googled on how to make a facial paste. It only has 3 ingredients, milk, honey and the turmeric powder. Since I didn’t have milk at that time I decided to just use any liquid that i can grab from the kitchen. I used water (big BIG mistake). So just mix mix mix to form a paste and then make pahid pahid pahid to your face.


Nice no? So after 20 minutes rinse it off. And this what happened next:

IMG_2217 lisasimpson4








What the eff!!! It wouldn’t come off! I swear! I tried warm water + soap, warm water + Likas, warm water + facial wash… failed!

I read an article and suggested to use warm water + sugar then rub it on your face like exfoliating… failed! My hubby suggested to use rubbing alcohol. Whaaatt?!!!!??? Heck, I’d rather have reddish/pinkish face than YELLOW -ish … ano hepa ang peg?

IMG_2214It was super hapdi! I was like cringing the whole time he was rubbing it on my face. huhuhu. And after like eternity it finally came off. Whew, thank goodness. So friends, let this be a lesson to be learned. Before putting anything on your face do some extensive research and make sure to read and follow the instructions properly there’s a reason why milk is used, hmp!.

Chow! xoxo

Frugal Living

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In times when funds are running low, you really don’t have any choice but to use natural resources. So, let the game begin!


And the finished product is: tadaaaaah!


Isang malaking POKNAT!


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I can buy you! your mom! your dad! the whole velasco clan!

Nah, just me showing off my birthday gift from hubby. A Charriol bracelet! Finally! Been wanting to have one ever since! Ano ba yan! Puro exclamation point!!! Hinde naman halata na egchayted ako! hahaha.

Thank you hubs! xoxo


Sojourn – Perth, Western Australia

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Congratulations on winning a pair of tickets from Singapore to Perth!

We are happy to inform that you have a choice of:
i)              A pair of Scoot return tickets on Economy “FLY” from Singapore to Perth, departing on 12 Dec and returning on 15 Dec 2013 OR;
ii)            A pair of Scoot tickets on Economy “FLY” from Singapore to Perth, departing on any of the following dates:
•        12, 13, 14, 15, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 December 2013

– The Scoot Team

Whoa! What a nice early Christmas present (received the letter sometime November 2013). And I only have few days to go to prepare everything. From visas to bookings and not to forget the wardrobe!

Last December 12  – 15, 2013 Jade (one of my besties) and I went down under. Luckily, it was summer time there (around 35°C ) so we only packed light. Mostly tees and shorts. Sunrise in Perth starts 5 in the morning. You can already see some activities around the city like some hunks cleaning the side of the street, early walks, fixing some coffee, etc. On our first night we stayed at the Comfort In Wenthworth Plaza Hotel. It’s right in the middle of CBD (Central Business District). It’s like a hostel since the bathrooms are shared. The rest of our stay was at the Sullivan Hotel. It was a nice hotel, close to some tourist attractions, along the blue line where the blue cat free bus passes.  Breakfast was a typical western selection with some breads, oats, fruits and nuts. Anyway, I’ll just show some activities we’ve done.

Day 1 – stroll along CBD – Bell Swan Tower – City Hall – Outlet shopping


Some joggers under the scorching December sun. One thing we’ve noticed was that Australians love the sun! Gladly I had my fribella with me. And FYI, we were the only ones using an umbrella.

IMG_1703At the Bell Swan Tower

IMG_1724Yes! the only Kangaroo that we found.

IMG_1729There were lots of street performers in CBD. These siblings reminded me of the Von Trapp family.

IMG_1735A very nice quaint street we found. Reminds me of the Harry Potter film where the kids bought their wands.


Day 2 – Kings Park – Fremantle City

IMG_1776A long stretch of greenery land full of trees, plants and some birds.

IMG_1784 IMG_1790IMG_1771IMG_1780Some R&R.

Fremantle – is a city in Western Australia, located at the mouth of the Swan River.

IMG_1844Lots of beaches, yachts and bars.


Met some friends and had dinner with them. Meet the Tongol couple, Rica and Jonas.


Day 3 – Mandurah – is the second-largest city in Western Australia and is located approximately 72 kilometres (45 mi) south of the state capital, Perth.

We booked the Dolphin tour and luckily spotted some dolphins mga 2, dami noh?. Also, the tour included a trip to the small canals (like in Venice – Italy) where you can see houses of the rich and famous. If you want to purchase one, just prepare around AUS$3-5million mura lang pala, yaya! get my blank cheque!


And in the evening, off to the airport and back to reality.


Here’s our ride home. Thank you so much Scoot! Sa uulitin!

Pinas vacay 2013

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And so i’m back. This was supposed to be posted last May (of this year) however, i got caught up with work. My husband and I went home last May to have our annual Pinas vacay. We stayed for 2 weeks and that’s a first! The most was 1 week of leave and back to work again. But not this time. So what kept us busy during those weeks? Well, see for yourself.

1st week – South Bound

Dusit Thani Hotel

Stayed for 2D1N at this hotel in Makati. It was all good except for the buffet breakfast. It was so and so. I had better with other non 4/5 star hotels. And yes, i made a review and submitted to them. Not sure what happened next.

Personalized memo set

Personalized memo set

We have access to the Dusit Club Lounge and we enjoyed evening cocktails and canapés and an all day snacks and refreshments.

afternoon delight

afternoon delight

Kamay ni Jesus shrine

Located in Lucban, Quezon. A healing center built under the initiative of Father Joseph “Joey” Ayala Faller, a gifted and well-known healing priest.

kamay ni Jesus

inside the Chapel

inside the Chapel

Villa Escudero

My 2nd time and 1st for my husband and his Mom.

Our Carabao ride. Si Maganda.


Buffet Lunch at their Waterfalls Restaurant.


2nd week – North bound.

May Election. One of the reasons why we went home. Of course gotta vote for my senatorial bet, Chiz!

Oh how I miss this. Mga nangangampanya. Waiting to give us any give-aways kahet kendi man lang.


We got a shirt! Not from Chiz but from one of the local candidates. A name easy to remember.


Celebrated Mother’s Day at the beach.


Don’t wanna get smoky eyes, ayt?


Of course, don’t wanna get bubbles in your eyes, ayt?


Poso Negro.. ang Poso at ang Negro. hahaha . love u mahal!


We also went to Cabugao, Ilocos Sur. And hubby got bitten by his tita’s dog. Poor hubby. They say you have to observe the dog and if it gets ‘ulol’ then we’re so busted. Luckily, the dog is fine and hubby didn’t have to endure the 14 tusok of anti-rabies (14 nga ba?)


So, that’s it. Nothing much happened. Looking forward to next year’s adventure. Chow!

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